Fresh fish (but not for long)

by Steenastrom

Ruhlman has collected a few Dorie Greenspan recipes that positively reek of summer and have set my mind to dreaming of a charming veranda with a beach view. Here, salmon and potatoes, a classic french bistro dish, that hardly even counts as cooking; and here, poached salmon with asparagus and delicious salads. Both would be perfect for an early afternoon meal with a nice crisp white wine. I think I’ve found what I’ll make for Beth to welcome her back from Europe in just a few short weeks.

While the amount of olive oil (4 cups!) is somewhat daunting, it can apparently be repurposed for mayonnaise, vinaigrettes and repeat curing.

In the meantime, I can’t wait to pick up Greenspan’s book, which will be a nice complement to my well-worn Provencal food porn+recipes book from high school.