Bull pen: salmon and potatoes in a jar, part 1

by Steenastrom

To get warmed up for actually starting 30×30, I decided to go on and make Dorie Greenspan’s cured, jarred salmon and potatoes that I posted about the other day.

The recipe calls for skinless salmon, but I found lots of skin-on fillets on sale that were too good to pass on. However, the skin made the salmon hard to cut into curable chunks, so, deploy the trusty kitchen shears. These are definitely on my list of must-have kitchen tools. I snipped through the fillets lengthwise, and then into quarters or thirds to get nice bite sized chunks.

Snip it real good!

And now, my first experience with curing! Because I bought so much fish, I doubled the quantity of the 2:1 salt and sugar ratio, mixed those together, and plopped in the salmon. Not having coarse or kosher salt, I used regular Mortons, which I hope will do as good and thorough a job. It will probably be less flavorful, but the impending oil bath will deliver the majority of the flavor. A spoon would have been unwieldy, so I somewhat crudely smooshed the salmon bits around in the curing mix, making sure to coat each piece really well to get an even and thorough cure. Cure cure cure. There is no synonym, apparently.

Find a cure, find a cure for my life.

All dressed up, I packed and stacked the bits into a container that will be their home for the next 12 to 18 hours. I’m going with the longer period in the hope that the pieces will cure thoroughly, enough that I can pull the skin off. Soggy, oil soaked fish skin sounds particularly revolting. If the skin holds, I’ll have to punt on the jarring and opt for roasting. Happily, that ever considerate Greenspan provided tips on roasting cured salmon. It would be lovely with a big salad. And I can still make the potatoes while the salmon sits in airtight isolation in the fridge.

Here's your big salad.

Up next: Potatoes, jarring, and results!

Oh, and, don’t mind the pictures too much. I always have and always will be a remarkably bad photographer of even straightforward shots, and I have no pretense of producing anything even near food porn style shots with my phone’s camera. However, I will try to capture as many relevant elements for each step in each shot. Documenting can be artistic and beautiful. Just, not in my case.

Stealing a meme from Carol Blymire, maven of the French Laundry and Alinea at home blogs:

Music to cook by: Talk of the Nation on NPR. Man, Ken Rudin, the political junkie, is astonishing in his knowledge of political careers. And Haley Barbour is a huge gasbag.

Sources: Safeway. Nothing sexy to see here, folks.

Recipe: Dorie Greenspan’s salmon and potatoes in a jar, via Ruhlman.

Onward to potato procurement and buying a ton (i.e. 2 bottles) of olive oil.